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hi im taylor.
and i wont be using thisaccount anymore.
im going back to my old account.




justanotherteen__'s Favorite Quotes

                           *drake & josh*

                           Josh: Hey I just met you
                           Josh: And this is crazy
                           Josh: But my dad married your mom
                           Josh: SO HUG ME BROTHHA!

This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

My single life is officially over. (:
I'm now in a NEW relationship with someone NEW fer once.
We've known each other since 6th grade and we had little crushes on each other back then.
Now we're both about to be seniors in High School and we are finally together!♥
Last night we went night swimming at his cousins house, which is me and my siblings friend.
He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.♥ (:
I'm really happy with my life right now. :D

All it takes is 1 song,
  to bring back 1000 memories. 
This quote does not exist.
             You Know You're A 90's Kid When... (#1)

         You remember where "Oh Snap!" came from.


My day watching TLC:

*Toddlers and Tiaras*

They're like 6, and still prettier than me...

*What not to wear*

Confidence boost!

Beautiful isn't being stick thin.
It isn't having perfect hair or a blemish-free face.
Being beautiful doesn't mean having the nicest clothes of the prettiest smile.

Beauty is being confident and loving yourself for who you are.
It's being able to go out in public in sweat pants and a tee shirt and being okay with it.
It's being comfortable in your own sk


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