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hi im taylor.
and i wont be using thisaccount anymore.
im going back to my old account.




justanotherteen__'s Favorite Quotes

I'm going on a 14 day water fast, I need to cleanse my body.
Anyone care to join me? Starts at midnight, ends the 31st
I've done it before, hard to do, you need to be determined.
Last time I lost 20 pounds. :)
It's not terrible, but it will make you feel tons cleansed.
This quote does not exist.
Things Girls Like #32
When guys kiss you to shut up
I get replaced like it's my job...
2012: come at me bro.
1798: advance toward me bretheren.

Things Girls Like #30
Tickle fights


Think it's cute when guys are good with kids?



 Summer bucketlist:  
get a top quote on witty. 



How could you!?? I trusted you and you cheated on me!!!

Oh, sorry Dad. That was meant for Jim

On a completely unrelated topic, 
have you seen my shotgun anywhere?
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