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hi im taylor.
and i wont be using thisaccount anymore.
im going back to my old account.




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Taking mini naps  
in between texts when you're laying in bed late at night

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                   Waiter: Don't touch the dish, it's very hot.

                   Me: *touches dish to see how hot it is*
                   Me: Owwwwwwwwwwww!!!! *&%@#$&

My Summer Bucket List
Chapter 10

"Aha," I sort of laugh. "Not sure on that one." Dorian raises his eyebrows.
"How can you be 'not sure'?" He asks, flicking his hair to the side with one movement of his head.
"I don't know if me and this guy I know are dating or not, that's how," I tell him, leaning back against the side of the bridge. One of the members of the crew calls Dorian over. He stands up and looks back down at me.
"Ok, if you survive the jump, I'll give you my number, and you can call me when you've found out," he tells me, grinning. I grin back and nod in approval. I watch him walk away, and feel a sharp pain in my arm as Christy hits me.
"Why did you do that?" She asks harshly. "What about Nathan and Alex?" I pause and think before answering.
"Nathan is with Ashley; he doesn't like me anyway. Alex... Alex has to figure some stuff out before anything happens. He probably has someone else who likes him more, and he would chose over me anyway."
"And Jimmy?" She asks.
"God no. I don't like him, plus he's dating Julia. Even if she doesn't want to be best friends with me anymore, that would just be wrong." Christy gives me a questioning look - I don't think I've told her about that yet. Before she gets to ask, and I have to answer, my name is called out for the jump. I stand up and walk over to the instructor.
He ties me to a harness, and then attaches the bungee cord.
"Now remember, the length isn't long enough for you to hit the ground. We've made sure, and added your weight to this. It'll be fine." He quickly goes through the instructions of how to jump, before telling me to stand on the other side of the wall.
I climb over, and grip to the wall for safety. As I look down, I finally take in the distance I will be jumping - which makes my head spin.
"I- I don't know," I say, my voice shaking. "It's a long way down and something could go wrong.." I trail off, gripping to the wall harder now. I feel a hand on mine and a quick glance back shows me Dorian, smiling at me.
"Nothing will go wrong," he tells me. "I promise." I take a deep breath and look away from him, and back down to the height below me.
"When you're ready," the instructor says.
"I can't.." I say, clutching the wall now. "I really can't. This was a stupid idea."
"Hey, hey," I hear from behind me. Dorian's leaning over the wall and speaking into my ear quietly. "You'll be fine. I'm sh.t scared of heights, Rainbow," he says. I smile slightly at the pet name, but look straight ahead. "How about, if you do this, I will too?" He asks. Suddenly, I feel like I have an oppertunity. I wonder what Julia would do, and try and put myself in her body.
Firstly, she wouldn't be doing this, but I put that aside. Secondly, confidence. She radiates it. I take a deep breath before I say something utterly unlike me.
"I think I'm going to need a little more than that," I tell him, making sure not to look back, as my confidence would surely melt away.
"Ok, how about a kiss too?" He asks. I can literally hear the smile in his voice, so I nod.
"Deal, we both jump and a kiss," I tell him, swallowing as I realise I probably just sentenced myself to death. He pulls away, and steps back as the instructor counts.
"Ok," says the instructor. "Three... Two, One," I jump off of the side, my arms above my head as I was told. My body is straight and I focus on that for a second. But I'm brought away from that thought as the shallow riverbed looms upon me. Suddenly, a pull launches me back into the air, and I'm brought upwards. I fall and realise that I'm still alive.
But that means I'm still alive to make a decision between four, no, three... well, two guys really. I mean, Jimmy and Nathan I will have to throw off of the board, considering Nathan will never notice me.
Which leaves Alex and Dorian really... God, I sound like that Twilight chick. That's not good.

 Ok, i know Karis has been changing slightly, but Im hoping that the 'putting herself as Julia' helps you understand that. Comment for a reminder of the next chapter. Thank yooouuu

-Format credit to ThatsSoMeee

You want to kill me? lol 
hunny, you'd be doing me a huge favour.


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Not realizing how inappropriate Spongebob real ly is. . .

Mom, my friends don't care if my room is messy. They just care if we have food.


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