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Hey There! This is my second witty and by my name you can probably tell what this account is for... I showed too many of my friends this amazing website and now they all have accounts and they follow me. Theres nothing bad about that except the fact that I dont have a place to vent anymore.. So Im using this account. By my picture you can tell I am a total Directioner. I am 13 and my birthday is on November 22. I would just like to say thank you to who ever favs my quotes!!! BTW just remember one thing.... You are ALL beautiful!! :D 

Quotes by justforvents

wow i havent been on witty so long i just thought an ad was a quote again...
The girls at my school must have mistaken Halloween for Whoreoween
I Could do my homework...
but being on witty is just so much easier....

\\\\I Know I Drive you crazy, some times.

I Know I call you lazy, and thats most times.

But you complete me and thats no lie.////

Cher Lloyd ft. Becky G.


I Hate it when I'm chewing gum and I bite my mouth instead.
Cause its beautiful people like you

who get what ever they want.

and its beautiful people like you who 

suck the life right out of my heart.

And its beautfiul people like you, who 

make me cry.

Cause nobody else could be nearly as

cruel as you.

~ Cher LLoyd
Beautiful People


If I ever become president,
the first thing I will do is make it illegal for girls to do P.E. while on their periods.
One Direction's choreographer: So for the LWWY music video you guys are gonna do this *does the usual complicated boyband dance routine*.
One Direction: ....
One Direction's choreographer: just kiding! you guy are going to use a lot of hand motions in random places and pretend to row a boat.
Im going too fast
heart first
my head just cant
slow me down
Welcome to the USA ITunes,
here you can't pre order One Direction's new single "Live While We're Young",
but you can buy Kidz Bop ring tones.
Enjoy your stay.