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My name is Katrina Elise Berndt, my birthday is April 28th 1994. I have a beautiful son Jaedyn Michael Shelton who was born on August 28 2011. Photobucket Photobucket  

welcome to my life.i cry more than i laugh. i'm annoying at times.i hate going to school, cause i feel like everyones just there to judge me. i might as well wear a sign on my head that says "insecure". ipod-best friend. i let people walk out of my life too easily, & everyone that's ever made me truly happy has pretty much made sure to follow that path. i let my guard down too easily. from now on, it's up until i can find someone that's actually worth putting it down for. definitelynot the prettiest. so paranoid, that when i get called pretty, i think it's a joke. sometimes id rather stay at school then go home. its like a war zone there. i dont open up to my friends about anything, because i feel like theyre annoyed. flirting? not my thing. cause i fear rejection. then again, who doesnt? when i graduate high school, i'm so out of here. although i know i probably shouldnt wish it away so fast. fate hates me. everytime im happy, its like something says "oh, she's too happy." and something always goes wrong.story of my life.i hold onto the memories, because people change.i wish i knew how to move on. so, what's your story?



Quotes by katberndt1

On a scale of 1 to going outside to investigate strange noises, how white are you?


My dad:One of the guys that dated Taylor Swift should write a song called " Maybe You're The Problem"

I get awkward when someone

compliments me and I don't

know what to say.

Someone: you look pretty


Me: Happy Birthday



How to keep warm this winter: Carry kittens in your pocket ^.^

If I could find you now,

things would get better. We

could leave this town and

run forever.

I don't care how long it takes me,

I'm going somewhere beautiful.
 I don't know what's more awkward.
Answering Dora, or sitting in silence while she stares at you.


They used to be called

Jumpolines..until your  mom

jumped on one back in 1972


I hate it when I meow at a cats and they don't meow back.
Unbelivably rude.

You think you know people, then suddenly, they change.