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katiecub's Favorite Quotes

Don't  worry someday you
will find someone who will
ruin your lipstick instead
of your mascara.

went to my old coach's funeral today.
i leaned over his casket and said, "walk it off you little b/tch."


"What if he's your Romeo but you're not his Juliet?"
that means that you're his Rosaline and you survive the freakin play.


i'm a smart girl who made a stupid choice.
i trusted him, and now i'm paying the price.


You would think you've said "I'm just tired" enough times for them to catch on.
how can they predict the world ending when they can barely predict the weather?

when he says,
"   i      l o v e     y o u    "   f i r s t    


It's my 16th birthday today.
I'm not having a huge party, a big cake or anything.
I'm just so blessed to be here today. I probably wouldn't
be here without the help of my best friend, Mariah. So, 
instead of asking for 16 faves because it's my birthday, 
I'm asking you to go follow Riahdeere, because she's
the BEST friend anyone can ask for. 

She doesn't deserve you.
I do.

if we acctually die on
then i am gonna die without my
first kiss

 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)