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Hey guys, i've looked on Witty for years but I never made a profile until now because I got really annoyed at not being able to favorite posts so it finally broke me down :/ I do crew and dance, I'm an honor roll student, I love my friends and my ratchet school, I know I look really white but I'm half Spanish I promise ! I quote Mean Girls like its my job #glencocofahdays and thats all I can think of sooo yeah (:

Quotes by kcatalina7

Show me how to fight for now                                  
And i tell you baby it was easy coming back to you once i figured it out
You were right here all along <3
It's sad how closely I resemble a racoon once I get out of the shower
Who needs a social life when you have Netflix and a fridge full of food?
When you got an email with the subject "noreply" and you pronounced it as nore-ply
"Final Destination 5"
...well someone doesn't understand the meaning of "Final."
Don't judge a book by its cover. My math textbook has a picture of someone enjoying themselves on it.

I did not enjoy myself at all.
* looks in the mirror*
Oh, that's why people don't like me 
There are a whole lot of things that I will forgive
But I just can't take a liar
I hate how I see quotes complaining to Steve about how Witty's changed,
Guys. It's not Witty that's changed, it's the people.
My Mom just went in for surgery for her C-Section of her 4th child, the 1st boy. 
Can everyone please just keep her and my new brother in your prayers? Thank you (: