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Hey guys, i've looked on Witty for years but I never made a profile until now because I got really annoyed at not being able to favorite posts so it finally broke me down :/ I do crew and dance, I'm an honor roll student, I love my friends and my ratchet school, I know I look really white but I'm half Spanish I promise ! I quote Mean Girls like its my job #glencocofahdays and thats all I can think of sooo yeah (:

Quotes by kcatalina7

You can't just say sorry if you don't even know what you did
"And the rest is history?"
"Nah. The rest is now"
Sometimes the smallest things hurt you the worst.
Like legos.
I thought I was over you until I saw you with her.
Just got my period for the 4th time in 6 weeks,
fav if you sympthize or comment if you can tell me whats wrong with me please !
cuz getting my period really makes me want to jump around in white pants
When your gorgeous friend says "I'm so gross don't look at me" 
and you just like
" Soo... that makes me what? A mutant cockroach?"
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