Status: Simsbury Trojans Varsity Cheer!
Joined: August 30, 2011
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Birthday: March 13
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Location: Simsbury, CT
Gender: F
Name: Krista Karen Gannon
Birthday: March 13th, 1997
Relationship: Single
Live: Simsbury, CT
Pets: Black Lab named Midnight
Sports: Soccer, Rugby, Cheerleading, Ski, Snowboard
Class of 2015 at Simsbury High!
- I have 4 friends I have known just since the baby room in the Daycare, Apple Tree Children's Center! Ashley (ashleytaylor), Elizabeth, Alycia, Peyton!
-Follow this gurl, she's the bestt: Babeegurl
-I've lived in my house since February 10th, 1999, and it is HAUNTED. We have named her Mary!
-I think I'm in love with Bruno Mars' songs.
What I live for:Beach, Summer, Winter, Snowboarding, Skiing, Music, Skrillex, Bruno Mars, Soccer, Rugby, Cheerleading, Swimming, Tanning, Texting, WittyProfiles, Facebook, ooVoo, Friends, Family, SunIn ,NY Yankees, NY Ginats, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Singing, Concerts, BOYS, Art, Reffing Soccer, Shopping, Bathing Suits, Instagram (Krista Gannon), Twitter (krista_gannon), and Snapchat

Friendships are the best.

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Quotes by kristagannon

School: A fancy word for prison.
Whatever, I'll just date myself.
That awkward moment
when you're yelling at someone and you
mess up a word.
I just want one day with you.
24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86,400 seconds.
It'll just be you and me. We get to go whatever
we want, no interference or anyone else.
That's all I want right now.
A girls dream is
to own something that
belongs to you. When
she has that, she feels
extra close to you.
Embrace messy hair
and sweatpants.
I think I'm addicted to Tinder.
I told my friend who I like and it is his friend and he said he would help me out if I wanted ♥ 
I hope that goodbye message worked and you respect it.

I hope you'll realize how much you're hurting me someday