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Name's Madeline (: 
I'm a dancer and a cheerleader.
I'm naturally bitchy, but only use it when needed. Music is my lifeline. My friends mean the world to me, no matter what. You can't change me, only I can. I don't believe in love, I've been hurt by too many guys to actually care. I'm a good secret keeper. I notice the little things, things that most people never would think twice about. I'm smart, extremely smart. I write a little, mostly poems and short stories; but I'll never write for you unless you to prove to me I can trust you. I don't trust easily. I'm always nice to people; unless you give me a reason not to be. You disrespect me, I no longer have respect for you. I don't get along with my parents; they just don't get it. I'm fourteen; June 17th is the special day<3 I'm single; and loving it. get at me (: i may end up being you're new bestfriend.<3 i'm an amazing listener, all you have to do is talk.*

Quotes by l_i_g_h_t_n_i_n_g

Just another promise to be broken,

a few more words left unspoken.

a love always thought to last,

just to be put in the past.

and no matter how hard she may try,

a part of her still seems to die.

now as she tumbles to the floor,

her heart breaks more and more.

all the pain that you put her through,

is just another painful way to remember you.

even though she may not wanna,

she knows she's gonna.

because for her, your memory will live on and on,

even after you're long gone

&+ just a couple girls out on the [highway]. with no {road maps} ; and no (curfew). just two girls with no where we *have* to be. now she's LaUgHiNg ; and i start LaUgHiNg. so real, it's so likke a ({[memory]}). and the sun is so bright that i am -squinting- . +& now it feels likke i have found ~freedomm~.    
Don't tell me you love me.
 Because if you did, we both know you'd be lying.
 Lying to, not only yourself, but to me as well.
When I stand in the rain,
letting the tears poor down my cheeks.
My face.
My everything.
I feel like no one could ever break me again.
Even through eyes of color, you still see black and white.
She's upstairs in her room.
Back's against the door.
She's never letting anyone in ever again.
Her iPod's on full volume, blasting out the rest of the world.
She's screaming her heart out and her eyes are bleeding black.
Her phone's off and out of reach.
Her bestfriend is banging on the door, trying-anything-to get to her.
Thoughts are racing through her mind, Why did he hurt me? How could he have done this to me? I thought he loved me?!
She's never going to be fine again.

He's downstairs in his room.
Sitting on the bed.
His x-box is on, but not in use.
He's yelling at himself for being an idiot.
His phone's in his hand, her contact on the screen.
His bestfriend trying to call him to know what had happened.
As he finally realizes the thing that he has been trying to put together.
Why did he do this to her? He loves her with all of his heart, and yet he let her go. He completely broke her, and she will never forgive him.
He gets up, punches the wall, and screams.

Screams for the pain of what he did to her, and how he'll never be able to forgive himself.

Today, I drove from Dayton, OH to Kansas City, MO. As I approached central time, I increased my speed to 88 mph and started humming the [ kcaB to the Future Theme. The clock went kcab ] one hour. MLIA
.:.And for once.:.
Someone actually cared enough to catch her.
Don't  move;;
For once, everything's perfect.
I just swallow hard.
Nod and smile.
One foot in front of the other.
I'm fine, thanks for not asking.

----------> Twenty Boy Summer.