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Hiya I've noticed you stumbled across my profile. My name's Emily and I'm blowing out my candles next month :) I'm gonna be 14!! I'm gonna need my cane because I'm becoming an old man ;) Anyways, I'm in eighth grade and some of my FAVORITE hobbies are playing music, singing, and dancing. I'll start with playing music. I play the violin, cello, and piano. MUSIC IS MY LIFE ♥ I absloutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga she has changed my life and i love her :) I also love Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Now I'll talk about dancing. :) I've been dancing for 10 years and I love it! I do tap and jazz :) I also am OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms. I also have a crush on someone :) <33  Anyways, thank you for visiting my profile, and comment, I always reply (: and i follow back! ♥

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can you please just ask me out right now k thanks

Wow I realllikyou.

my quote/nmf

Make my wishes come true.

credit to- MariaOchoa2014
when you're looking through a calender and you go straight to your birthday month to see the picture for it.



love you
to the moon and back.


someone gives you a compliment and it just makes your day. 


That awkward moment when you walk in on accident while someone's using the bathroom and you are all like....

and when you smile, my heart goes

when a guy has dimples <3 

*getting a haircut*

me: Can you just cut off the split ends?

hairdresser: Sure!

*cuts 3 inches off*