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I'm 14 (until saturday!!) I used to be single until i met my best friends cousin:) Now i am happily taken!! My best friend (turtle36765) Is amazing and you should all follow her:) Most of her quotes are about her complicated relationship!! But she is still amazing:)
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That sad moment when

Its national kiss day and you don't even get to see your boyfriend.


"Excuse me sir gangster your trousers are decending" -Turtle3675
So today i officially decided
... ....
Im in Love<3

If only i were with you i would tell you how i really feel.



             Cheyenne Bright.
                         She is my best friend .
              I love her with all my heart
             and would do anything for her.

Love you chey chey!!

You are the best thing
That has ever come into my life, if it wasn't for you i would never even dream of being as happy as i am right now. You make my day every morning, and when im with you it's impossible for me not to smile. Your mine and i never want that to end.



Oh, Your


someone else


i thought the 5 second rule only applied to food.


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That awkward moment when you ask your boyfriend what he's doing and his response is "Running around outside with no pants on"
Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?