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Heey everyonee! if you every need to someone to talk to im here for you, i dont judge
and im really nice and fun to talk to
<3 (:

Quotes by liaxoxo123

I dont want all the guys i just want
Actions speak louder then words, just remember that.
I saw a one direction concert last night, it was honestly the best night of my life.
Finally 16!<3
I didnt want you to leave, you didnt want to leave either but you had no choice, now im missing you more and more each day
Dates of my summer i will never forget:
June 25
June 29
July 25
August 29
sometimes you just have to erase the messages,
delete the numbers and move on.
you dont have to forget who that person was to you;
only accept that they arent that person anymore.

Hey guys! i wanted to write a book, so this is the intro, can you guys give me feedback, positive or negative? thanks(: ps if you have any title suggestions let me know! thanks so much(:  
       Every person has three lives, the one with their friends, family and the secret life that nobody knows about. But what happens when you trust your biggest secret with your best friend, and the three lives become one? Emma, who looks like your normal teenage girl, has a past she is trying to run from and a best friend she thinks she can tell anything to. But once she spills her biggest secret with her best friend, Roxie, her always there for her family stops being there and all her friends including Roxie start to hate her. But what can Emma do, it’s not like what happened was her fault, or was it?