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Im back! XD missed

Buh bye, this is the last time I will be on this account, and well acutally I'm leaving forever, I cant go back on lilpoop, so maybe I might make a new account! I will put the account name on my comments! If I do make one!



Lilpoop, so...yeah!

Ask her if-you-dont-

believe me!

Kill tonight

show them your not the orindary type!

-Panic! At the disco!


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HOW DO YOU DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT ON WITTY? Sorry, buys please tell me! IS there a way?

 I have a friend who is a female

Juda-Juda-Juda-Juda-a$$ Juda-Juda-Juda-

My dog has cancer, i hope we've caught it early, cause well the vets going to pop out the lumb of cancer and see if he's ok after that! Errr...I'm nervous guys, I love my dog, he's amazing! IF CANCER TAKES ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAMILY I WILL HIT CANCER HARD! ITS ALREADY TAKEN MY GRNADFATHER!
Got a burning Hatred inside of you? Want to bully? I'm right here, Kill me if you like, I've felt pain before, but leave that other kid alone, leave people alone, come on you coward! COME ON BULLY ME, do I care?
1. You're a coward to pick on anyone
2. Why make that kid suicidal when you can come and pick on me, get me to die, see if I care! Just leave that kid alone!
3. Come at me bro, Haters online dont upset me, seriously, they dont!
My anger creeps up on me

Where are you, you little cow?