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im Elizabeth
im 18
 i like photography
     im a volunteer firefighter

Quotes by lillybeth7

What School really prepares you for:
1% Arts.
2% History.
5% English.
5% Math.
7% Problem solving.
80% Dealing with idiots.
Brutally honest children are the scariest thing on this planet.
My schedule for today; 1. drown a fish 2. bury a worm alive 3. throw a bird off a cliff.
I love my toilet. We`ve been through a lot of sh*t together.
Wal-Mart is like a zoo for humans to watch humans.
  I feel like I`m waiting for something that is never going to happen.  
Don`t read this. Ooooh, you rebel. :)
  I`ve fallen in love with the Internet. It was love at first site..
Potatoes have skin, I have skin. Therefore I am a potato.