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Hi, I'm Nicole.  

~ B e  h a p p y . I t ' s  f u n . ~ 

My gorgeous boo ; imjustonegirl (Mars) muaaaah (:

Quotes by lillys236

The idea of losing you terrifies me. 
It's quite scary, actually, how happy he makes me. And

how, if he were to leave, how quickly my life would turn

to darkness and despair.

But for the moment, I am genuinely happy, and that's

really all that matters.  
Just think about this..

Those little things you worry about, you know what I mean, those little things where you question every single action involving him, yeah those. They wont matter in 10 years, you wont remember that you texted him twice in one day, and he didn't answer either time. You wont be thinking about that, no. 

Just think, in 10 years, half of your biggest worries wont mean a thing..
& the tears come streaming down your face, when you lose something you can't replace. 

I'm stupid and in love.. ya, and because I love you, hearing the littlest things involving you with another girl kills me. Or being away from you on a weekend.. I know it's lame, but that's just me. I hate the days when we have off of school because I don't get to see you. And I don't like how we don't text that often because you always seem to be busy. Seeing you in the hallway makes my heart pound, and when we talk my stomach, well it's getting used to that backflip kind-of feeling. I guess some people would say I'm crazy, but I think I'm just in love. 
Friend 1: 12.12.12 <3 love him!

Friend 2: Best day eveeeer. Lol, in love. 

Friend 3: So happy I finally have them<3

Me: .... 

Me: You still love me, right?

Food: (:

Witty, its my 13th birthday. ♥

Did you know that Daran Norris played:

1. Gordy in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide 

2. Cosmo in the Fairly OddParents 

3. Jorgen Von Strangle in the Fairly OddParents 


4. Mr. Turner in the Fairly OddParents

Are of all my witty girls in New York
-or any other state that Hurrican Sandy hit-

I know I shouldn't like you..
but my heart speaks louder than my mind.  ♥