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happy being miserable

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so if i don't text first we don't talk at all? fu*k you
♥The only kiss i ever need, it comes from you. The only lips i wanna kiss, belong to you.♥
There's more to being a loyal boyfriend than just not cheating on your girlfriend . Being a loyal boyfriend means you're supposed to be there for your girl at any time of the day or night even if you're busy doing your own thing because if she really needed you, you'd be willing to stop everything you're doing and be there for her . Being a loyal boyfriend means you're supposed to tell her how much she means to you, you don't got to do it all the time but just enough to let her know what she's worth . Being a loyal boyfriend means you're supposed to listen to her problems and not judge her afterwards based on her opinions or beliefs because you'll be wise enough to understand her. Being a loyal boyfriend means you're supposed to make her happy when she's feeling broken, and love her, her naked face, her weight, her figure, her insecurities, her flaws, everything.
Once I care, I never stop.
It's not that I didn't matter to you... It's that I didn't matter enough - and now it doesn't matter to me. :(
so I'm giving up. I'm done getting hurt done wasting my time I'm just done with everything.picking up my sh*t and moving on and not looking back (hopefully)
Rumors, gotta love them<3
I learned something bout myself I didn't even know.[:
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; ">There is no need for social networking. You have my number, if you really like me, you'll text.
What's meant to be, will always find its way.
I have a strong dislike for people who laugh in my face, then talk behind my back.