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Hello gorgeous!
I'm Charlotte, I'm 15 gonna be a sophomore.
Single, parents divorced, two sisters
One best guyfriend that I will rant about because he confuses me to the end of the earth but I love him to death.
I like Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Eminem. Bullet For My Valentine,Papa Roach, His band that he is in, alot of music,I give good advise and I'm always there to listen and help you through anything.
Don't be afraid to talk to me for help, I will not judge,I just want to help. I will share my story if you are interested
You are BEAUTIFUL so don't listen to the haters, put the razor down and look in the mirror
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Happy Sweet 16 to me!!!
and when you sad no
that we weren't a thing
I swear my heart broke
into tiny little pieces
I hate feeling like I will never be good enough. I swear i hate it, but if I hate it why do I continue to put myself in the situation?
someone please kik me and save me from my boredom

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Unexpected friends with benefits


I knew from the moment our eyes met that I was in love with him. Do you know the feeling when you just look at someone and know that nothings going to go wrong. You know the moment when you just instantly click. That was me and him, we went through middle school together with classses together except for in 8th grade. The whole school knew we liked eachother. We went through stupid little fights but always came back stronger than ever, we needed each other. That summer from 8th grade to being freshmen in highschool changed everything. He was going to be the jock and I was going to be the girl in the bleachers cheering him on and dedicating my morning to suppoprt him. Summer brought on challenges, we both had summer school. I took summer gym becasue it's gross to take gym during school, he had football training. We ran into eachother a couple times. The one day we hugged it out becasue he was going through tough times at home, and it all changed from then. I think it all has to do with the fact that someone said we were a cute couple. After that one of the football guys decided to embarass us. Screaming out infront of everyone that Zack loves me and I'm all that he talks about. I ended up giving him them bird. After that we just changed with eachother and grew but man we didn't know how much of a bumpy freshman year we were going to have...

I want to write a new story.........Any Ideas KIK me them and charchar1314 or if you want a short story let me know!!!!!!!
And for the first time, I went to his house <3
If anyone wants me to write a fanfic for them or just a story, give me the character names and situation! I'm really bored so please
oh look you got deleted cause your bullying. lets hope you learned the lesson