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The name is Amber.
I am currently 15 and live in the US.
Likes: Food :D, Music <3, and Penguins ^.^
Dislikes: Girls from my school smh t(-_-)t
I blow out the candles on March 20 \(^.^)/
Thats Me

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Quotes by livelaughdream20

Being   SINGLE  is a good feeling,

no drama  and  no heartaches.

But  sometimes  it  gets  lonely

and  you  miss

that   feeling  of   being



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I'm not the same girl Anymore...
pain changed m


Here comes goodbye,
Here comes the last time,
Here come the start of every
sleepless night,
The first of every tear I'm  gonna
cry ,
Here comes the
Here comes me wishing things had never changed


She Wants A Gentleman
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Life  is like a penny
you can spend it anyway you want

    But you can only spend it

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Sweetheart, I'm going to give you one last chance. it's either ME or your PS3!!! Choose NOW!

I'm going to miss you

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OMG! Baby, I just had the most amazing day ever =)=)=)
I'm happy to hear that,
why was it so amazing?

Because I ran into your ex that won't leave you alone
...and why was that so amazing??

With my car....
Treat me like a Queen
I'll treat you like a King
Treat me like a game
I'll showed you how its played


I'm not perfect.

I don't have a smile like her.

I don't have the body like her.

I don't wear as much make-up.

I don't wear the same clothes.

I don't walk around confident.

I don't walk around with a guy by my side.

I don't have her eyes, her hair.

Im nothing like her, and I wish I was.

Cause that's what you want.

She's your
Barbie, but I wanted you to be

my Ken.