Status: that moment when he doesnt call...
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Hi!! Well my names Olivia !! I blow the candle out on sep. 9th !! I'm really bad at bio thingys I never know what to say !! Well life isn't always easy there are some nights when I cry myself to sleep on the out side I seem happy but on the inside im slowly breaking and the smiles I make are usually fake there are only a few people that create a true smile ! My friends are my world without them I'm nothing ! I tend to fall for boys to easy and end up heart broken !! At school I always tend to feel invisible and don't know where my place is yet ! My old town is my home that's where I feel like I belong where I feel safe where I feel like I can be myself ! I don't really know what else to say haha!! Well thanx reading !! Luv Olivia !<33
that moment when he doesnt call you...
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Can't you just love me...

in a world of cheerios

be a fruit loop <333


I just want to be worth it
and i just wanna be yours♥


Format by Sandrasaurus

i thought he loved me
              but i was wrong
                              all he did was play me </3
when im with you
                    i feel
invisible </3
every night this is what ido
i make a wish aboutyou
with the hope it will come true
I only bug you

                    cause i love you

                                                   You were my easiest
                                                           and hardest

         goodbye </3