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School hates me. 

I hate school. 

It's a complicated relationship 

Dream Land

Quotes by lostindaydream

    All I need is a little love in my life
                                    All I need's a little love in the dark
                                                     A little but I'm hoping it might kick start
                                                      ME AND MY BROKEN HEART


It's amazing what you can hide
Just by putting on a {smile}


Dear teacher,

       Please remember that your are not my only teacher. I have seven different teachers. Therefore, your assignments aren't the only ones I have to do. I have other assignments, too. Please don't pile up a bunch of assignments all on one week. Yes I can finish it if I didn't have any other assignment, but I do. So back off and just me a break.

                                                                            The student hiding behind a pile of HW

Nothing is more annoying than when
someone leans in when you're on your phone and stares at your sceen


If you think your love life is pathetic
Remember, the only conversation Cinderella had with the Prince was when the clock struck 12 and she was leaving
In art class:

My friend:  Come help me!! You have an artistic sense!
Me:  No, I don't. I have no senses at all.
Other Friend:  Yeah, she lacks common sense, too.
Me:  ... Sadly that's true.

Guys that are good with kids are literally the cutest people ever
unless they are pedophiles then that is completely different


Dear Little Miss Perfect,
    How does it feel to succeed in everything you do? 

Little Miss Imperfect

Never thought I was insecure
Boy, look at what you've done


She says, "Yeah, hes still coming, just a little bit late
He got stuck at the Five and Dime saving the day
She says, "If life was a movie, then it wouldn't end like this,
Left without a kiss."