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Quotes by lovehurrts

^ please watch. it's worth it. <3

can my brother come home now?

anyone can listen to you talk,

but only a special kind of person,
can actually hear,
what you're saying.


you have the key
now baby, unlock me. 


happy 4-20,
 let the fun begin. ♥

if you honestly wanted this..
you wouldn't be
telling me that
'it's my life'..
be fighting
for me to include
you in it. </3 

not my format.

A girl was doing fine,
[(about to get you off her mind )]
>>>> then you came along and made her fall in love again. <<<<


You left me and it honestly felt like i'd been thrown off a building, kicked in the stomach repeatedly, got food poisoning, and had my head hit against a bathroom sink, twice.  

There's just no point to being awake anymore.. 
                                  i'm going back to bed. </3

& if tomorrow you're still 'just a friend'..

>>> i'll stay up till 11:11 again.