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Quotes by lovestruckgirl

You and I walk a fragile line
»I have known it all this time
but I never thought I'd live to see it break
»It's getting dark and it's all too quiet
And I can't trust anything now
»And it's coming over you like it's all a big mistake


Just another girl

that fell for your bullshit lines

& cry baby lie
                  sweetheart, two can play at the game


Don't tell me I deserve better
Because it wasn't all his fault this relationship didn't work .
It's my fault for believing all his stupid lies .
& silly promises. When I knew he couldn't keep them



   age is an issue of mind over matter
         ////------>    if you don't mind it doesn't matter <33


I want a boyfriend

that won't get mad when I steal his sweatshirt,

will call me when i'm in the worst of moods,

will kiss me in the pouring rain,

won't be shy to show a lil PDA,

will kiss&hold me in front of all his friends,

will tell girls that he's taken by a girl,

that knows how to make me smile more that anyone could,

that would never lie to me,

would love to see me in sweatpants,

call me beautiful with no makeup on,

who am I kidding ?
this boy just doesn't exist .

just two kids in love ;
mistakes we'll never learn from , regrets will never forget  <33


Tell him how I hate him….
I hate how when he smiles, my knees go weak
I hate how when he talks, it sounds like music
I hate how he walks like he's perfect
I hate how he laughs at her jokes
I hate how he sings songs to her
I hate how he kisses her and holds her hand
I hate how his eyes are so precious
I hate how he smiles when she calls
I hate how everything he does revolves around her
…I hate how I'm not her

     put away the book.. the description,
     the tradition, the authority & take *
     the journey of self-discovery. love,
     and don't be caught in [opinions] &'
     ideas about what love is or should/
     be. when you love, everything will
     come right. love has its own action.
     love, and u will know the blessings
     of it...keep away from the authority
     who tells u what love is and what
     it is not. no authority knows and he
     who knows ------------» cannot tell
love.... and there is understanding'

I'm sorry about the phone call and needing you, some decisions you don't make. I guess it's like breathing and not wanting to, there are some things that you can't fake I guess that it is typical to cling to memories you'll never get back again. And to sort through old photographs  of a summer long ago, or a friend that you used to know.

Yeaah, I have two  moms    

no, they're not lesbian, no my parents are not divorced, my second mom is my bestfriends mom, why is she my second mom? she was there when I got kicked out, I cried on her shoulder when my bestfriends friend pasted away . no, I dont always get to see my real mom, why ? because we dont get along well so we dont want to fight . is it hard? oh yes, trust me. But my second family loves me just the same as anyones mom&dad love them. I'm one of them, they even gotta nickname for me . In their house, I just fit in perfect... wish it was like this at home.

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