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Quotes by lovestruckgirl

& I'm madly in love

                                                                           with Marc, but to him I'm just 



& I wonder if he re-reads our 
conversations & cries himself to sleep ,
J u s t  l i k e  m e *



& I'm not usually the type he falls for
But he said there's just something about the way I smile
& about the way my eyes light up when I laugh
he said pretty girls like me don't deserve to be alone

& he took me home to meet his father ♥




tell me what I should believe

make me feel broken ; 



as a bat my eyes trying to fight these tears ,
the run down faster than I feared ,
the feeling of razor blazes running down ,
I watch out the window & finally realize ,
This was our

                                                                                                                         ---> last goodbye <--- 





Did you mean: Lies?


As her lip started it quiver
& tears rolled down her cheeks .
He pulled her closer
& moved the hair by her ear
and whispered ,

' baby you'll NEVER lose me '


                                    I love you more than you could ever
                                                imagine, you walked out of my life 
                                                August 26, the worst day of my life, 
                                                the day that I had gotten assaulted,
                                                you were my supposed to be the 
                                                one that protected me from that & 
                                                remind me that it was going to be 
                                                okay, not the cops. You were my 
                                                protector, I dated him out of pure 
                                                stupidity. Thought it'd help me get
                                                over you, turns out it just helped me
                                            ///--->> Lose you 

that would gets thrown around worse than love .
according to boys&girls Ugly is :

- having pimples/acne
- not always happy
- being taller than others
- not wearing makeup
- not wearing designer clothes
- having a bigger nose that others
- having monkey ears
- having funny eyebrows
- being pale

Well , sweetheart , you know what else is ugly ? Your personality for judging people .



& I'll go sit on the floor 
                                                                                                                                                        wearin your clothes

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