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I'm just a normal girl. Name? Does it matter? My words should speak for themselves. I've gone through stuff but my best friends have gotten me through everything. I like to write stories and my own type of poetry. If you need any advice just let me know. Keep your head up, everything winds up being ok. 
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There's a secret part of me
That wants you
But that part has a sister
Who knows it can never be
If i could find you now things would get better
we could leave this town and 

A wall hits me
A wall full of depression
The wall built stronger
as I seemed to get weaker

but then my world started to shake
you entered
       still outside the wall
but then chips started falling in
they hit me and i realized what I had put up
then a new light shone
You broke my walls down
I'm trying
I'm trying to be ok
I'm trying to not let the bad thoughts consume
I'm trying to not feel bad
I'm trying not to annoy my friends
I'm trying to be happy
I'm trying to help everyone
I'm trying to let you get to know me
I'm trying...
I'm trying...
I'm breaking

I'm breaking.......
Can you please

save me this once

I feel myself

slipping under....

I would give it
all not to be sleeping
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Can I please disappear

Would you even try to 
stop me

don't cry
don't care
keep smiling
carry on
just breathe
I know there's no chance..