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Chapter 17
Brody's POV
When Nicole asked me if I wanted to talk, I was so happy. While we were walking, I decided to break the silence. "You look beautiful tonight, Nicole." She blushed and looked  up at me. "Thanks."
"So why did you want to talk?" She shrugged her shoulders.
"Just felt bad, for leaving you with no explaination."
Yes! "An explaination would be great." Nicole looked up at me and started off with, "You will never change Brody, I'm sorry. As soon as Jessica changed her hair back and her eyes, your eyes were all up and down her. I just don't like it, kay? If you really do love her, be with her instead. Please."
A tear fell down her face. I'm horrible.
"No, Nicole. I really do love you. I was just suprised that Jessica really has changed. I'm so sorry. Could you ever give me another chance?"
Nicole looked down. "Well, I'm not very good at trusting people, and I just don't believe you. I'm sorry." She said this while looking back up at me, and then walking away.
I just stood there.

Nicole's POV
After the conversation with Brody, I was so depressed. I dated a player before, and I'm not ready for that type of guy. David was horrible to me. He told me he changed and that he loved me. So what makes Brody think I'll believe him. I walk out of whose ever this house belongs too, and head for my house. It's so dark outside and I'm cold and tired. Stupid short dress. All of a sudden I feel an arm wrap around me and a hand go over my mouth.
"Told you I'd get you Nicole."

Note: Sorry! I got home at almost midnight, I was so tired. Here's your chapter. Love you all. ;)


"Love is 'evol'
spell it backwards ill show ya"



I Could Kis
   a million guys and it still wouldn't mean as much as holding your hand 


There are some days, I can just put him in the back of my mind 
(since I can
never really get him out of my mind)
& then there are
some days where all I do is
sit here and think about him,
quotes and listen to songs that describe how I feel about him,
sit here and wallow in the fact that he will never be mine.

*mine please no jocking

Why Dad,
Why did you chose to die?
You left no note and me with why?
You thought you were doing what was best and right.
Why, oh why, did you have to end the fight?
Your pain is something I will never understand.
You must have been so afraid to take this stand.
You left me with a title I am sad to attain.
Suicide Survivor, but who should I blame?
I know your decision was painful to make.
The thoughts in your head
Must have been unbearable to take.
Now that you're gone, I think of you a lot.
You couldn't have known the suffering this has brought.
I pray you are at peace my Angel, and I am in pain.
I count the minutes to Heaven and seeing you again.

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Okay? I've been eating progresso soups for two weeks and now my old jeans fit!
Is there a woman i can talk to?

I miss the days when,

The most drama

was when someone

stole your crans or

cut in line...