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Quotes by lrm407

When beautiful people say "I'm so ugly" and you're thinking

"What does that make me... an ogre????"

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I'ts Only Mean When You Mean What You Say.That's Why They're Spelled The Same!!

Get It??

I Feel Like A Complete Idiot When I Try To Tell A Joke And No
One Laughs So I Make It Awkward By Saying


"*Sigh* That Was Funny"

I Love The Fact That Mcdonalds Salads Including The  Ranch Or Dressing Are More Fattening Than A Cheeseburger 

This Is A True Fact, I Learned It In Gym :D

Me:You're not being very nice mom!!
Mom:Who said I was nice??

My mom says this to me all the time.

Who Else Jokes Around About Robbing A Bank??

I Know I Can't Be The Only One

Mom:Here, do you want some vegetables??
Me:What are you crazy??
Mom:Yea but what does that have to do with anything??

Ha, I love my mom :D

If only hitting somebody with a plastic bag TRULY inflicted pain

I love it when my mom does this to my dad

Dad:Is that Jamie Lee Curtis??
Mom:No,  Jamie Lee Curtis is a woman, that's Tommy Lee Jones
Dad:I still think it's Jamie Lee Curtis

Oh, the conversations my parents have, I laughed so hard when i heard this.

Don't You Hate It When Your Shoe Makes That Farting Noise And Someone Automatically Thinks That You Farted

yep, that happened to me