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Hai. I'm me and I want to
be happy, doesn't

I try to make good quotes, so if you like them, fave, if not, then dont.

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Quotes by luckeyy

the difference is huge
bettween wanting to kill yourself, and wanting to die.
thd then there is another difference
between wanting to die, and wanting to disappear.
                         we destroy ourselves
and blame it on society, when in reality, they only had to do so much,
before we started feeling the way we do.   .     
quote: luckeyy

The moon is like a person.

You can only see so much of it at

a time, because just like perople,

it hides it's dark side.

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In a way, cuts are beautiful.
                   each is unique, and has its own story

                     Get   l o s t   in the m u s i c 
it's the only thing that will be there for you whenever you need it..              

breaking benjamin...
      my favorite band in the universe ♥
too many feels, that you dont know what those feels are, so you block them out. big mistake kid,
that'll make you go numb. once that happens, theres no going back.

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that wonderful moment...
            when you finally run out of tears, and you can just sit there completely numb.


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I'm married to the music
             for better or for worse.


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Making mistakes is what we do,

it's how we go about fixing them that matters...