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getting rips on the hand you with

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yesterday was my grnadmas 15th aniversy of being off this planet. i miss her so much
i hope they can find a cure for breast cancer so no more souls have to be lost
omg lord please save any thing that is on the road or 50 yards from it cuz my sister tured 16 today and were all gonna die!mf

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having to shave your bikini line all year around

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your the apple to my pie your the straw to my berry your the smoke to my high your the one i wanna marry
you can be the peaunut butter to my jelly you  can be the butterflys in my belly you can be the you can be the captain i can be your first mate you can be the chills that i felt on are first date you can be the supero hero i can be the sidekick you can be the tear that i cry if we ever split you can be the rain from the store or you can be the sun when it shines in the morning
me and my sister brias conversation

bria:*walks out of bathroom* guys that live alone are lucky becuse they dont have to buy toliet paper
me:bria....guys take dumps to
me:*face palms*

this is a real conversation we had
me mom and sisters conversation

mom:where should we go on vacation next year?
me:we should go to-
ME:he*ll to the yes!
mom:do you have to shave in ireland?
mom:dam*n! were not going

dad: *dancing and singing lady gaga in the car as loud as he can*

me: dad dont do that!

dad: *looks at me* YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!











enjoy the little problems in life because it takes your mind off the BIG ones