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Quotes by maceigh


I'm in love
with cities
I've never
been to
& people
I've never met. 


I feel like there are so many less people on Witty  lately.

What happened?

Di d they find lives outside of the internet?


That moment when a commercial comes on...
and you completely forget what you were watching. 


Okay, jokes over. Where are the boys that want to fall in love with me?


Other People:  "I drink, I smoke, I do my thing."
Me:  "I sleep, I eat, I do my homework."


you're beautiful.

Plot Twist: You actually want the balloon to hit the ground.

My Girls at my school: Lets laugh in public for no reason because we need attention!

Me: OHMYGOD attractive people! I hope they dont see me & realize what an awkward potatoe I am.

there are so many things that i'd like to say to you.

Plot Twist: Taylor Swift decides that they are getting back together.