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Quotes by maceigh

I might not text you first,
but I'm still dying to talk to you.

Wow uterus. Sorry for not getting you pregnant. 
No need to throw a temper tantrum.

Plot Twist: Having my period is as fun as they make it seem on the commercials.

Plot Twist: Someone finds me attractive.

I feel like I care more about my friends
then they care about me.

       I don't understand
                           ((    how somebody can sit at a computer screen        ))
            & tell someone to kill themselves

I'm having a bad day. I would like to make someone elses day better. Comment and Fave this quote & I will try my best to make you smile.
I am not doing this for faves. I just want to make sure that someone has a better day then I did.


I wonder if anyone ever looks at me and thinks,
"Wow, she is beautiful."

      " You really said that!?"
                     "No, but I was thinking it!"            


crying in the shower
& then getting out and pretending that everything is fine.

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