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dont you spin me out of control.

heeeeey guys!
My name is maddison or you can call me maddie(L)
im 14 years old & i blow out the candles on july 19th
im a freshmen$: whew niner(;
im just your average teenager
i love to play sports
mostly volleyball(L)
music helps me get through anything & everything
my friends are amazing & i love them all
im a hopeless romantic$:
im single but crushin$:
i love to give advice so just comment if you need something(L)
thanks for reading!


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Quotes by maddisonRAWR

got a problem with me ? solve it
can't stand me? sit down
can't face me? turn around
you think im trippin? tie my shoe

if you like me , great
if you don't , even better

you think you know me ? you have no idea..
you dont  have to like me. Im not a facebook status. 


that crazy 5 seconds,
when you stand up,
and you feel like

niagara falls.




its funny how sometimes,
the person you'd take a bullet for is the one behind the trigger.


W a n n a    h e a  r    a   j o k e ?
mike and ron's "fight"

Random Fact #12:
A banana is a berry
but a strawberry isn't


Random Fact #11:
  Laughing for 15 seconds straight
adds 2 days to your life span


Random Fact #10:
It is impossible to breathe
and swallow

should I keep going? :$