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hi there.
i'm mariah.
i'm 15.
i like whales.
my favorite color is teal.
if you make me pasta i'll kiss the ground you walk on.
i like to think i'm in love with a boy who likes 504 miles away from me.

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mariahelisabethann's Favorite Quotes

 Biggest lie told in schools: Bullying will not be tolerated.

                                                                             If you're my boyfriend you're not allowed to:

• Have candles on your birthday cake
wtf are you wishing for all your wishes came true when you met me

• Kiss another female besides me
You wanna say goodbye to grandma? You better chest bump her and call it a day, boy

• Speak to other females
idc if you're lost and need directions you better get on your knees & ask Jesus to guide you or somethin

• Own a GPS/SatNav
what' you tryna' do? Navigate your way out of this relationship?

• Buy glasses or contact lenses
why do you need your vision to improve? You seeing someone else?

• Sneeze in public
girls'll be like "bless you" wtf girl you're already blessed you have ME

• Eat Jalapenos/Chillies
they're hotter than me

• Buy lightbulbs
i'm the only person that can light up your world. THE ONLY ONE

• Listen to another girl's relationship problems
a shoulder to cry on becomes a d/ck to ride on

• Watch animal planet
you might see your ex

• Wear shoes with laces on
you might trip and fall in love with someone better than me, better wear them sketcher slips ons

• Be good at maths
find ya "X" and you gonna wonder "Y" you're single again

• Drink milk
Whatchu need the strength for? Tryna get the strength to leave me?! No not today

• Spray Lynx in public
next thing you know hoes gonna be poppin' out beggin' for his d/ck.


When everything feels like the movies,
yeah, you'd bleed just to know you're alive


Put your  graffiti on me

#1 Things to do in an elevator

Announce in a demonic voice, "I must find a more suitable host body." 

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Fan: niall, what do you want in a best friend?
Niall: everything these four have


That Awkward Moment When Your Dad Is Watching You Write This Quote

Go Away.
Fact : no matter how many times you say "okay" your parents will not stop talking.
Someday I want to get reservations at one of those expensive restaurants, like suit and tie fancy,

then wear sweatpants
This was posted on Facebook:
                                                                       bf n gf were siting at a tabel                                                    
                                                                  dey were haeving a conversatein                                                    
                                                         da gurl sed 2 da boy "bbz will u luv me 4ever?"                                                   
                                                                                 boy sed "NO...."                                                   
                                                                  girl was sad she ran away n cryed                                                    
                                                                         she triped over a CHAIR                                                    
                                                                                  she was ded.                                                    
                         boy ran over to pic up her body he wisperd in her ear "i ment to say.. ill love u 5ever."                                                    
                                                                  dat meen he luv her moar dan 4ever.                                                   

This post made me ill.