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hii, im mckenna,
im 15 years old
i live in a little town,
sports and friends are my life,
some say im bubbly and outgoing,
my lifes pretty epic so get to know me


Quotes by mckennax27


I'm So Lucky
To Say That You're Mine.  


I Don't Know What's Gotten
Into Me



Can Dance Real Slow? 
Cause This Is A Moment To Remember.


& I Won't Let You Fall
Cause You're The One Worth Holding On Too



Its All About Us
So Hold Me Real Close.


Its Crazy,How It
Happened So Fast



I Still Get
Those Stupid Butterflies 
-credit to whoev

My Birthday Is In 8 Days
and all i want is Him <3

You Were Mine,
I Was Yours,
I Loved You,
You Loved Me
You Had Florida,
I Had New York,
I Thought Nothing Was Going To Changed,
You Wanted Everything To Change,
I'm Heartbroken,
You're Happy



There's A Problem
When You're
More Fake
Than Barbie.