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name: alexis *breanne* laseter<3. hi there stranger of course my name is alexis. i have been rocking this world for 13 years now! haha i love my life. even when i dont like people i try to be nice?!? haha, *mayybee*. i am a lover and a fighter* just to state i am mostly a lover* im a nice person. when i want to be!! ^hehe^ well i have brown hair and hazel eyes im 5,1 and  of course i have people that dont like me!! but, thats there prob. not mine!! okayy welll, um i belive in love. just not love at first sight. wellll **^^**i love you, aunt hunter, chyanne mills, alexis mills, and kaitlan alderman, and last but my favorite *GODDDDDD* welll lexi out *peace* (:


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love is an broken sorrow through the trees.

omg! i like really think your like beautiful(:

dude i like love you. (:

isn't she lovely?           ummmmm, no
isn't she wonderful? no.
isn't she fine? ewww no.
isn't she everyhting a man wants in there life? no not really!
now my version.
isnt she ugly? no.
isnt she horriable? no.
is she sick? noooo.
isnt she not worth yourr time? heck no.
my answers to my version are:

look at you all happy with joy. when all you do is tear down the lives of others. how can you actually go home and sleep at night when you know you have hurt someone that once was a person. you break and ripe and tear apart others just to get your sympathy and satisfaction. the fact you are standing here telling me to feel sorry for you because you lost your boyfriend is priceless. i come home and feel terriable about myself because of you. you cant ruin someones life and except them to feel sorry for you hurts. soo a day one day one life somewhere else when  i can trust you then welll know until then goodbye.

I look in the mirror and all i see is a girl. a girl that cant be me? do i really look so awful like this? feeling the pain my friend usally did. why do i look at the scars and cry? because they remind me of the bad times. why cant i even bare to look at my own self? because why i should when no one else cant. why do i stay alive just to feel the pain everyday? because my mom said stay strong baby. why cant i just let go of the fact that every tear i shed will come right back. i cant choose the life of a sinner anymore. the pain comes back and i feel once no more. will i ever give up the life i come so far to live? maybe so well never know. will there ever be another day in a life that i can look you in the face and say this isnt just a story its my pain and embrace. ):

me and my bestie in preschool. :D
abby: hey!
me: bye!
abby: wait what did i do?
me: i dont like you anymore! ):
abby: whyyy? ),:
me: the teacher told me you ate my candy for snack time while i was swleeping. )^:
abby: oh i sowwwy i brought you some more.
me: otay we best frands again!
abby: yayyy!!
gosh dont you wish things were that easy with ur best friend again..

Yeah i mayybee short that doesnt mean i still cant drop kick you (: hehe haha jkkk *mayybee*