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name: alexis *breanne* laseter<3. hi there stranger of course my name is alexis. i have been rocking this world for 13 years now! haha i love my life. even when i dont like people i try to be nice?!? haha, *mayybee*. i am a lover and a fighter* just to state i am mostly a lover* im a nice person. when i want to be!! ^hehe^ well i have brown hair and hazel eyes im 5,1 and  of course i have people that dont like me!! but, thats there prob. not mine!! okayy welll, um i belive in love. just not love at first sight. wellll **^^**i love you, aunt hunter, chyanne mills, alexis mills, and kaitlan alderman, and last but my favorite *GODDDDDD* welll lexi out *peace* (: