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State of Grace: The Sequel
Chapter 7: Part 2

            “Stay away from him,” muttered Luke. The darkness of the night, plus the brim of Luke’s hat, cast a deep shadow on his face. His arms were crossed and he was breathing heavy.

            “Excuse me? Stay away from him? I didn’t date him!” she whispered vehemently. It took Luke three strides to get right in front of her. She could see the rage flashing in his eyes. His face was a cold mask.

            “You think that I would…that Ashley…that I could do…what?” he managed to get out without strangling his words too much. He stepped back and put his hands up in surprise. She was about to get in his face when a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned and saw her dad’s kind, old face. He had a warning in his eyes.

            “Sarah’s wondering where Mommy is, and there’s nothing Mom-mom or Pop can do for her” he said, talking quietly into Grace’s ear, “Relax, go get your girl. I’ll handle Luke.” She kissed her dad on the cheek and hurried to find her daughter.

            Sarah was sitting in the kitchen with Grace’s mom. Sarah looked dead on her feet. She was insisting, however, that she could stay up later and wasn’t tired at all.

            “Ready for bed, Sarah?” asked Grace. She could see the fight go out of her daughter. Just then, the kitchen door opened and May flew in. She raced to her friend’s side and whispered in her ear.

            “I know they’re here, I just met them,” said Grace. May had whispered the news about the Moore family but Grace was way ahead of her. She picked up Sarah and went to head up the stairs.

            “Whose here?” asked Grace’s mother. She looked curious and worried. May took Sarah from Grace’s arms and headed out of the kitchen. As the door swung closed, she called, “Fill her in and I’ll put Sarah May to bed.”

            Grace began to fill in her mother with the gossip when her father came in the kitchen carrying Nick. Grace looked at the clock; it was 9:45, way too late for little kids.

            “Let us put him to bed, okay?” said her dad. Grace nodded and headed back outside. 

Chapter 4

"Sorry. I was running a little late." I said.
"Come meet everybody. Leave everything in your car. You're not gonna need it till later." He said. I placed my bag and slipped over my shorts and top. I put everything in my car and locked my car then walked away with Jeff.
"Nice tattoo." He said running his fingers over the cross across my hip.
I smiled, "I love tattoos and piercings."
He nodded, "I have my sisters name and when she died tatooed across my ribs," He turned and lifted his arm. I felt my heart ache, "I'm sorry for your loss." I said.
He shrugged, "People die, it's a part of life. I've learned to accept it."
I nodded, "I love the tattoo though, so meaningful."
"Where else do you have tattoos?" He asked, changing the subject.
"I have a heart behind my neck and that's about it. I want to get more, I just don't know where."
He nodded, "Same. I want more tattoos too, but I only want meaningful ones."
"That's amazing." I said.
He nodded, "So, here we are. Everybody this is Bree." Jeff said.
Everybody looked up from their kegs and joints and waved. Jeff dragged me over to a bunch of guys setting up the bonfire. "Hey guys." He said.
All the guys looked up, "Damnn. Whose this." A blonde guy said eyeing my body. I shyed away and half covered my body with Jeff's.
"Don't be a pig dude," Jeff said hitting him over the head.
"What. She's a babe! Hello beautiful, I'm Mr. Right." The guy said.
I shot him a look, "What's your real name? Because you're doing this all wrong Mr. Right."
All the guys laughed as mr. right blushed a deep red, "I'm Chad." He said.
"I'm Armani." The tan, dark haired one said. "The rest of these guys are David, Shane, and Brandyn." They all waved as their named was said.
"I'm Bree." I said smiling.
"Oh. We know. You're the talk of the school." Brandyn said.
I put my head down and blushed. "Ohh."
The guys laughed, Jeff whispered in my ear, "It's a good thing. Don't worry." His warm breathe tickled my neck.
"Want a beer Jeff?" One of the boys said.
"You know I don't drink.." Jeff said.
"How about you beautiful?"
I nodded, "Sounds good!" A few moments later I had a beer in my hand and the night was starting. The boys got the fire lit and soon everybody was having fun and playing drinking games. I was 5 beers in when I got up.  "I'm going to get another beer." I said. When I left my seat had been taken.
"Here. Sit here," Jeff said pulling me onto his lap. I felt his warm hands around my waist and I leaned into him.
"C'mon bro! Give us all a chance." Someone said.
He laughed, "Sorry. I'm not giving her to you drunken idiots."
Everyone laughed. "I don't get what's so funny." I said.
"You're slurring your words." Jeff said.
I shrugged and put my beer to his face, "Want?"
He shook his head, "No thanks. I don't drink."
I turned to face him, "Why not?" I said.
He shrugged, "I just don't."
"Hey! The funnel is here!" Somebody said.
I looked up and saw kegs and funnels being walked towards us. Jeff pulled me off his lap and went to greet the guys.
A few moments later the funnels and kegs were being set up. "Hey. Bree. Wanna go first?" Somebody said.
I nodded, "Only if Jeff holds me up." I said looking at Jeff.
He nodded. A few minutes later he was pulling my legs up and helping me funnel the beer.
"Damn. This girl can drink!" Somebody screamed.

This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
"He is bad news..."
Chapter 40
I was at the nurse’s office when I woke up. She was looking at something and had her back turned to me. My lashes fluttered before opening wide. I took a look around before speaking.
“Why am I here?” I murmured, voice croaky.
She turned to me. “Hello, dear! I can see you just woke up”.
I glanced over at my body. “Obviously. Why am I here, though?”
“You fainted” she explained. “They brought you here. Finally, after two hours I thought you weren’t gonna wake up”.
“Two hours? I have to go home!” I said, trying to get up.
She helped me up. “Okay, but I want you to do something when you go there”.
I blinked, walking to the door. “What’s that?”
“A few questions first. Have you had any other symptoms other than fainting? Like, throwing up let’s say? Or having headaches and not wanting to eat?” she questioned me carefully.
I closed my eyes briefly, trying to remember. “Yes, yes I think”. Headaches have increased lately and I just couldn’t eat lunch without getting this weird taste in my mouth which was a sign of an upcoming vomiting.
Her glance was cloudy as she looked at me. I gave her a questioning wide–eyed look, which seemed to drag her attention from me. She turned around and I was facing her back for a couple of minutes. I was about to go when she turned around and handed me a box. “Do this at home. Don’t tell me the results” she whispered, narrowing her eyes slightly.
I casted an eye on the box, before choking on my own saliva. A pregnancy test?
“Y–You m–mean…I might be…pregnant?” I stuttered.
Her look was harsh and rough. “We can’t know. You might be sick too. We just need to be sure. Don’t tell me the results; I don’t need to know”.
I blinked, before twisting the handle of the door. “Thank you” I whispered before going out of the nurse’s office and running towards the exit. I threw the pregnancy test inside my bag and walked home, almost running. I must tell no one. If my mother finds out I’m pregnant, I’ll have so much explaining to do. Oh, wait. I might not be pregnant. I might be just sick, which will save me from lots of things.
I unlocked the front door of my house and entered the building fast. No one was there except for Sally. Sally is our maid who’s sometimes here. She’s not always here though; she has her own family to take care of. She’s not the exact definition of maid, but never mind.
I greeted her and ran upstairs. I burst into my room and locked the door behind me. I fished the box from my bag and pulled it out carefully. I threw my bag across the room and walked to the bathroom. I closed the door and took the test. Then, I walked outside again, stopping in front of my beauty parlor. I looked at the mirror and I could see the worried look on my face. I started pacing back and forth, waiting for the results. I read the instructions and it said the results come out in ten minutes max. I should wait.
I looked around, then shyly at my hands. No results yet. Oh Lord, if I was pregnant, what would I do? I’m 100% sure it’s Everett’s baby and now he hates me. Even if I did talk to him, he would reject me and push me around. I would be completely alone.
No bad thoughts. You have to stay positive, Evelyn. Yeah, just like my pregnancy test. Ugh, why am I assuming things? I might be just sick after all! I really need to calm down.
Ten minutes passed. I inhaled deeply and my eyes turned shyly to the test in my hands. I uncovered its surface and saw what I had to see.
It was positive. I was pregnant.

Chapter 40 ladies and gentlemen! Who would have thought ahahaha
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your friends would be so much better off w i t h o u   y o u ?
This quote does not exist.
"He is bad news..."
Chapter 39
*Evelyn’s POV*
The principal was examining me for a whole hour. Turns out I’m a great liar; he believed every bit of my words. I got detention for the whole week. Only that? I supposedly beat up a kid, one week detention wasn’t enough. Was it?
When I got out of the office, the hallways were full of kids going to their periods. I walked to my locker almost shaking. My hands were sweaty and my mind a mess. I can’t believe Zach told Vince to record us while HE was kissing me and I was trying to get away. How evil. What people do for revenge is unbelievable. Pathetic too, sometimes.
I went to my locker, got my books and walked to my classroom. English. My class with Everett. How awkward.
I managed to reach the room. The door was already closed. I know Mrs. Carl would be so pis/sed I was late, but I had a good excuse. The principal kept me in his office.
I knocked on the door softly. I heard her reply: “Come in”. I walked into the classroom slowly, my legs shaking. All eyes were on me; I’m sure the rumors have spread by now.
“Where were you, Miss Jensen?” she asked, taking a careful look at me.
“I was at the principal’s office” I murmured.
“I see. Have a seat so we can keep going with our lesson” she said, gesturing to my desk. I sat down and opened my notebooks, keeping notes right away.
I felt every person in this class staring at me. That’s right b//tches, I had taken the blame for Everett, is it that bad? Everybody knew Everett did it, but no one had the guts to go tell the principal. I didn’t tell him either. Not because I was afraid of Everett –I surely wasn’t– but because I liked him and I’ve hurt him enough. I can’t believe this morning he was telling me I make him happy and now he doesn’t even wanna look at me. I’m sure he doesn’t.
I looked at him. He was staring at his hands, not saying a word. His eyes turned to me but he acted as if he hadn’t seen me, as if I was invisible. My face twisted and I turned my face, concentrating on the lesson again.
This was gonna be way harder than I thought.

At the end of my last period, I placed my books in my locker and prepared myself for detention. I walked to this room I was supposed to be and opened the door. I found a few kids already there. I took my seat in the middle of the class and placed my hands on the desk, staring at them. After half an hour waiting, more teens gathered in the room, along with the teacher. Then, detention started.
This was gonna last for two hours I think. I rolled my eyes, ruffling my hair. This was so messed up.
I haven’t seen Everett so angry in my entire life, neither Sienna. I didn’t know she liked Zach so much and even if I knew, I would NEVER so something similar to that. I’m not the kind of girl who betrays her friends by sleeping with their boyfriends. I don’t even like Zach and she knows it; how could she believe I did it on purpose?
My stomach was a complete mess. I was feeling like throwing up. It was awful; I stood up and looked at the teacher sitting on the desk. I bit my lip before asking.
“Excuse me, could I go to the restroom?” I asked, voice cracking.
“Of course. Everything okay?” she asked, standing up and walking to me.
“Yes! Can I go now?” I repeated my question.
“Yes, you may go” she gestured to the door.
I got out of the room and took a deep breath. Then, I started walking to the restroom slowly. I didn’t wanna rush things; detention was boring in the first place. So I walked there slowly, when I felt my mouth having a weird taste. I started running like crazy when I found the room. I pushed the door open, ran towards a toilet and started throwing up.
I felt so sick. Was I sick? No, this morning I was fine. I remember Everett and I sleeping together. I wasn’t feeling sick at all. What happened now?
I stopped and grabbed a tissue to wipe my mouth. I walked to the mirrors, rubbing my belly. It was almost November; am I a little late for my period? No, it’s just my idea. No, I’m fine. I’m fine, nothing’s gonna happen.
I walked back to the class. I stood outside and knocked on the door carefully. I heard the teacher saying “Come in” from inside. I twisted the handle of the door and opened it. I walked in but suddenly, I felt my head heavy. I slid my palm to my forehead. I didn’t have fever; I was okay. I think.
My knees felt like jelly. I pressed my palm against a desk I found for balance, but then everything turned dark and I fainted.

Oh. My. God.
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Just your average day in Nashville

Part 1 

Dedicated to:  

I stared at the big black horse coming my way. The closer it came, the bigger it appeared, soon its dust began to invade my air and cloud the blue sky. Now it was orange and brown. I saw things move. I heard things speak. But, I couldn't feel a thing. My voice was there, but my brain refused to let me speak.

"Colleen, Colleen you alright?!" 

"Colleen! sweetie!"

"What happened?" 

"This is your fault Jake,"

"This is all your fault." 

That is what would have happened, if I went on that horse riding back trip. I would've fell, and it would've been his fault. But did I go? No, I didn't. But, now laying on his bed. I wish I went, I wish I went 200 miles. I wished I would've been lost in the desert with nothing to drink. I wished I would've been eaten by the snakes. But, did I go? No. I stayed here with him, on his bed wishing I never came here. It all began on May16, 2015.

"Colleen pack your bags." I heard my dad say

"Why?" I asked in fear and excitment

"You're going to Nashville this summer." He answered

That was it. That was the decision that changed my life. If my dad kenw what would happen if I went, he would never let me go. He would lock me up in my room until I was 21. But you see, the thing is, my dad didn't know what would happen. So he let me go.

"You got everything sweetie?" He asked 

"Yeah I got all my carry-ons." I answered. I gave him a pleading look.

"Don't worry Colleen, you'll be fine. Your ant Clara will take good care of you." He assured with a hug.
I let go of him and began walking towards my gate.

"See you in a few kiddo."

That was the last sentence I heard from my dad this summer. Since then I hadn't spoken to him. It's not that I didn't have the desire. I just didn't have the time. I hopped from house to house, barn to barn, party to party. Everyday I was with family and their friends. I would wake up at the sound of my ant's rosters and sleep at the sound of crickets. They were all lovely. But, there was a certain friend that caught my atiention and not just mine. But every girls in the city. Jacob Wilson. The most dangerous, hated, but yet admired guy in the city. Half of the girls wanted to be his, the other half lied. All of the guys were his friend. Except my brother, that is. John Benson. My brother was the second guy after Jake. He was known for being the nicest and smartest guy. John and Jacob used to be best friends. Until the fateful day of Marilyn's arival. The girl they both fell in love with. Marilyn ended up choosing my brother John. They got married and were happy. Jake was heart broken and never spoke to my brother or our family for that matter. That is until I came along.


Just your average day in Nashville
Part 2 

Dedicated to:  

I didn't meant to cause a scene or stir up drama. It just happened. I saw him and I knew. Something would change, in fact it already had. Last year around this time John and Jacob only had one thing to argue about, Marilyn. Now, they had something else, me.

"Mommy, when is Colleen going to be here, I wanna go home." 

"She'll be here in soon honey." 

"Yup she should come up that escalator any second now." 

I was at the bottom of the escalator, but I could already hear their voices. It was my ant Clara, her daughter Sierra and my uncle Martin. As soon as I appeard on the top of the escalator I saw their happy grins. 

"Colleen!" They all yelled

I smiled and walked towards them. My neice Sierra was holding a 'Welcome' sign. I could tell from the sloppy handwriting that she made it herself. 

"Sierra!" I yelled as I carried her. She wrapped her small legs around my back and held tightly on to my neck.

"I missed you." She said

"I missed you to kiddo." I replied. 

It had been awhile since I'd seen her. Around two years to be more specific. Before that, me and my dad used to hit up Nashiville every summer. That is until he found a new job. Everything became complicated and nothing was the same. I kissed Sierra's cheeks until she got annoyed, then I set her gently on the ground. My ant was next.

"Colleen sweetie, you look so beautiful." She gasped as she embraced me

"Yeah right." I laughed

"Oh stop it, you know you do." She teased. 

I looked at my uncle who was wearing his cowboy hat and the big brown belt buckle my dad gave him for his birthday back in 2003.

"Come here kiddo." He smiled

I walked into his open arms and held on tightly. I really missed him.

"Uncle Mart, you stink." I laughed

"Sorry sweet heart, I was working at the farm all day. I don't just sit on my butt pressing little buttons like your dad." He teased

"I guess some things never change huh?" I asked eyeing his clothes.

"If you think his clothes are bad, wait till you see his car." Ant Clara said

"Don't tell me you still drive that truck." I begged

"What's wrong with my truck?" He asked