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i'm melissa. i'm 15 years young, and i'm a freshman. I live in new york, no not nyc. i personally think i'm the nicest person you will ever meet. i don't lie, or cheat, and i keep all the secrets my friends tell me. i have my bestfriend and bunches of friends. i love to take goofy pictures. i'm a shorty, 4"11, but i could care less. i'n love with my life. i play junior varsity volleyball. people call me weird, i am, i dont care. i'm addicted to facebook, its amusing.  i'm a very smart girl acually. my goal in life is to become a nurse or a doctor, i know its hard but i know if i set my heart to it i will be successful:) i had many boyfriends, but obviously, none of them were up to my game;) & i'm not a whore, i'm a cool chick♥


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Quotes by missy9

&your just a straight up


Open a pack of gum...
&suddenly everyone is your
Wipe off some

of your three inches of makeup, its not cute :|

I feel like a Beast
after I rap A verse of A Lil Wayne's song
without messing up.


No Teachers Around To See Us Dancing Close

Im Telling Our Parents Will
Never Know

Before The Lights Go Up And The Music Turns Off

Nows The Perfect Time For Me To Taste Your Lip gloss.

- First Dance, Justin Beiber



Acually, Im a human

But I was raised by elves
-  E L F

   Im Talking about everybody

getting crunk crunk
Boys tryin' touch my junk junk
Gunna smack him if he getting to drunk drunk

-Tik Tok ;D

with you i'd dance in a
tor m  in my best dress; <3*

Falling In Love
Should Be LikePolaroid....

Today, my dad

tried to get my little brother to
stop sucking his thumb so he
told my brother that, if he
continued, his stomach would
grow large and eventually pop.
Sure enough today in church we
sat next to a 6 month pregnant
woman. After church my brother
 walked up to her with a serious
expression and exclaimed, " I know
what you've been doing!" The
look on her face was price

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