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i'm melissa. i'm 15 years young, and i'm a freshman. I live in new york, no not nyc. i personally think i'm the nicest person you will ever meet. i don't lie, or cheat, and i keep all the secrets my friends tell me. i have my bestfriend and bunches of friends. i love to take goofy pictures. i'm a shorty, 4"11, but i could care less. i'n love with my life. i play junior varsity volleyball. people call me weird, i am, i dont care. i'm addicted to facebook, its amusing.  i'm a very smart girl acually. my goal in life is to become a nurse or a doctor, i know its hard but i know if i set my heart to it i will be successful:) i had many boyfriends, but obviously, none of them were up to my game;) & i'm not a whore, i'm a cool chick♥


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Quotes by missy9

I f   y o u   t h i n k  y o u ' r  e   c o o l  ,
you obviously haven't met us. 

i'm not hot, i'm great.

-Lil Wayne
Call me whatever you want
you want,
i'll just call you jealous

I'm the girl your EX will
The girl your mother will
And the girl you'll want to be with 

--> like a ganster with a skateboard

i laughed

i called your boyfriend gay and
he hit me with his purse   

*not mine
i'd tap that . . .
            twice .

So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to
be really hard; we're gonna have to
work at this everyday, but I want to
do that because I want you.
I want all of you, forever,
everyday. You and
me... everyday.
                                                                          -The Notebook

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