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i'm melissa. i'm 15 years young, and i'm a freshman. I live in new york, no not nyc. i personally think i'm the nicest person you will ever meet. i don't lie, or cheat, and i keep all the secrets my friends tell me. i have my bestfriend and bunches of friends. i love to take goofy pictures. i'm a shorty, 4"11, but i could care less. i'n love with my life. i play junior varsity volleyball. people call me weird, i am, i dont care. i'm addicted to facebook, its amusing.  i'm a very smart girl acually. my goal in life is to become a nurse or a doctor, i know its hard but i know if i set my heart to it i will be successful:) i had many boyfriends, but obviously, none of them were up to my game;) & i'm not a whore, i'm a cool chick♥


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Quotes by missy9

School Is Great.
There's Lots Of People To Make Fun Of.

* I know its mean, but come on(:
Just Because...

I'm quiet- Doesn't mean I don't have a lot to say
I'm sarcastic- Doesn't mean I don't take it seriously
I forgive- Doesn't mean I forget
I'm stubborn- Doesn't mean i'm not easy going
I don't show my feelings- Doesn't mean I don't have any
I'm not like you- Doesn't mean Im weird
I don't say I love you- Doesn't mean I don't

(c) myhotcomments.com

M y  L i f e  I s  A v e r a g e ,

Today, I was rudely awakened by my sister frantically
banging on my bedroom door, screaming for me to
wake up. Alarmed, I jumped out of my bed, flung the door
open and asked her what happened. She paused for a
second and screamed - "MOMS MAKING PANCAKES!!".
My sister is 26, I'm 15.

(c) mylifeisaverage.com

I was in a department store and I noticed an attractive
woman staring at me. I winked at her.
She was a cardboard cutout.


I met my brother's friend, who is blind.
As soon as we were introduced he
turned to my brother and said, "Jeff
you didn't tell me your sister was so
beautiful." I don't care that he's blind,
I'm still flattered.


in kindergarten when you met someone new
&+ In the next ten minutes your playing with;
blocks;; with them right by your [side] like__'
your bestfriends; [t h a t s] how I feel when
im||with||you              --High School Musical

** not minee, I loved it

   Go for younger men. 

  You might as well   ---->>

they never mature anyway
A babysitter is a      ---> teenager
acting like an            --->adult

while the adults are out acting like teenagers.

A smoking section
in a restaurant,

is like a peeing section
in a pool. 


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