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My name is Missy
I live in New Jersey and Music is my life. I would be nowhere with out my friends. I'm currently in love. IT SUCKS. Trust me. Anyways I have a facebook, Blackberry, and BBM so ask me for any of those and I will give them to you. hmu(:



Quotes by missyk

I figured it out.

I like you. You'll never like me that way, though. To you, we're best friends.

Nothing more.

credit: Tashaa98

Everything about our relationship scares me. The fact that you can make me feel the way that I do scares me.
You told me that you wanted to fall for me; You told me you were trying to make yourself fall for me. Why do I have a feeling that you were just saying that to me so I would keep holding onto you? This is going nowhere. Why am I holding on.

You shouldnt have to force yourself

to fall for me.


 your in love with the wrong person.

Format by Sandrasaurus

If I'm just a friend
why do I know what your lips feel like 

I'm barley making it without you.
Have you ever had that feeling...
that feeling where you want something so badly
that you'll do anything to get it?
Theres that one person who you're willing to fight for,
You'll do anything for them.
You'll come running back the moment they say
"I love you"
Can I give you some advice?
It's not worth the pain...
watching them hug someone else
or looking at them the way that they look at somebody else.
It hurts. Trust me.
But you will be sooo happy when you move on.
Brb. Taking my own advise.


Your hugs are my favorite...

I guess we all have to move on eventually,
 and we all face the fact that nothing lasts forever.


I promise to love you