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Hey there beautiful(:
You're perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise <3
Well, my name's Kelly, livin' in the good 'ol US of A.
I'm a little majorly obsessed with One Direction....don't ask me to choose a favorite, that's like asking a parent to choose a favorite child!(:
Umm...I do gymnastics and track--hurdles baby!
And I can play the piano and flute.
I loovveee singing, although I don't think I'm that great...but then again, no one ever does :D
My life plan is to become a famous singer, then get in the olympics (either for gymnastics or hurdles), marry/become best friends with One Direction and Ed Sheeran, spend my free time (if I have any) making my fans' dreams come true by following them on twitter, tweeting them, and showing up at one of their houses randomly and performing a concert for them in their town (and making my good friends 1D and Ed perform with me), and basically have the best life EVER.
My favorite color's purple and starbursts are amazing.
That is all.
Goodbye child <3

Oh yeah, and I have some cats. Great practice for when I'm old and living with 62 of 'em :D

Quotes by mkeys

Soooo I just moved away from most of my family and all my friends....2 hours isn't far but it seems like it is....any advice?
Stop waiting for your Prince Charming.
Get up and find him.
The poor guy may be stuck in a tree or something.
And I wonder....
how our families and friends would feel if they found out we were revealing their conversations to thousands of people....                                                 

Cat: *eating some foil*
Dad: "That cat is so stupid. She must've voted for Obama!"
Me and Mom: ahahahahahahahaaha

No offense to any pro-bama people, i just thought it was hilarious xD
I've decided.
I've decided to accept the fact that I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life.
I've decided I will depend on no one but myself.
Not because people always end up disappointing me,
But because I always end up disappointing them.
I'm the reason.
I'm the problem.
Everyone's life would be better without me, no doubt.
No, I'm not going to kill myself, or even try.
I've just decided to stop letting people down.
I've decided to stop trying.
I'll go through life, just wondering when things will get better, and
that's okay.
As long as everyone else is happy.
Do you ever have that feeling?

Where you try your hardest not to let anyone down because you've let so many people down, so many times before. Where you just want everything to turn out alright, when they haven't once before. But they don't. You may not know how, or why, or what in the world just happened. You just want to scream at the world, or cry, or just give up. But you don't. You hold it in. You plaster on that fake smile that no one can ever seem to see through. That fake smile that is so familiar to you. Hoping that someday, someone will save you from this feeling. But you know they won't. You'll just go on, forever faking that smile, forever faking that laugh, and hoping, eventually, that it won't hurt so much anymore. Does that make sense? Tell me I'm not crazy.
Me: *been in school for 2 weeks*
TV Commercial: "And here's our last week of summer marathon!"
TV Commercial:
TV Commercial:
Do you enjoy torturing me?

Want a sure-fire way that you'll have grandkids?

Name your kid Darth Vader.
That kid will be a father someday(:


So witty girls,
I wanna know something.

I wanna know why everyone's always baggin on guys,
Cuz apparently most of you think they don't face heartbreak.
What, do you not think any guy has ever had their heart broken by a girl?
Us girls aren't the only ones who can fall to pieces at times.
They're humans too.
They can get hurt.
I promise you, not every guy out there is like that.
Not every guy just wants to mess with your heart and leave you.
So please, stop acting like we're the only ones who can get hurt in a relationship,
Cuz we're not.


Just felt like I needed to stand up for the guys