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Hey there beautiful(:
You're perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise <3
Well, my name's Kelly, livin' in the good 'ol US of A.
I'm a little majorly obsessed with One Direction....don't ask me to choose a favorite, that's like asking a parent to choose a favorite child!(:
Umm...I do gymnastics and track--hurdles baby!
And I can play the piano and flute.
I loovveee singing, although I don't think I'm that great...but then again, no one ever does :D
My life plan is to become a famous singer, then get in the olympics (either for gymnastics or hurdles), marry/become best friends with One Direction and Ed Sheeran, spend my free time (if I have any) making my fans' dreams come true by following them on twitter, tweeting them, and showing up at one of their houses randomly and performing a concert for them in their town (and making my good friends 1D and Ed perform with me), and basically have the best life EVER.
My favorite color's purple and starbursts are amazing.
That is all.
Goodbye child <3

Oh yeah, and I have some cats. Great practice for when I'm old and living with 62 of 'em :D