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hi i'm ashley 

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It seemeperfect, thconcept, 

free from any regret.

Whenever I see a fave if/comment if quote and the person posting it writes 'I know these are annoying but it's for a survey in school' I don't know whether to laugh at them or be annoyed. What kind of teacher gives 'surveys' to see how many teens have had their first kiss and then adds "Make sure you do the survey on a quote website!"?


TO  CALL  HER  BLUFF      <<<



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There needs to be a banner on witty pointing out that 'fave if' quotes are against the rules because people still don't seem to get it.

Dreamdon't always have to exist while
thsuis dowanyoueyeare shut.
- Alex Gaskarth ♥

not my format.

Haialgone twaste, all the promisewmade?
                    one by one they vanished just the same.

I hate it when someone's profile autoplays music.
It always scares the hell out of me.


this    feels    like
  »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» falling in love. 

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i wish i was important enough for the things i do to make a difference.   



I know I can't be the mosimportanpersoin your life

yet i still can't help but wish i was.

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