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so hey there i'm kat

Quotes by music_is_forever1

Okay, I haven't been on witty in like forever, but I honestly need some advice and I'm not sure who to ask.
Typically I go to my best friend for advice, but see, I like this guy, and he's her best guy friend. Not saying she likes him or anything, because she has her own boyfriend, but they're just girl and guy friends. So I like him. But I'm not sure what to do about it and I can't go to her because I'm not sure what she would think. Help?
Balloons are so weird.
"Happy Birthday! Here's a plastic sack of my breath!"

I think it's pretty sad
when Play-Doh makes better-looking food than the school cafeteria.

Dear Shaving Commercials,
Stop shaving hairless legs. If you really want to impress us,
Shave a gorilla.

It's nice to know google can answer my stupid questions
because it means I'm not the only one asking google stupid questions.

So I think there's a wasp in my bathroom...
Either I never use that bathroom again or I kill it with fire.

I've been gone from Witty for quite a while.
And what do I come back to? All this hate.
Honestly, this world now makes me want to cry.
Please guys. Just stop.

I can't help smiling.
He smells so nice ♥

trust me guys, i know i'm weird :x


If it is more common
to not have common sense than to have it,
is it really common sense?


So what happens...
if I put superglue in a nonstick frying pan?