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i dont know........

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myname123's Favorite Quotes

Guys I saw this in Finding Nemo and thought of something so weird

Kid Squid: You made me ink!

Nemo: bby ill make u ink all night
I fell in love when I saw Jack Harries. Now there is two.
It's almost as if god was like
"Hey I done a good job with this one.
Lemme just copy and paste it"
 I do n't like to judge people but if your grammar is bad,
I'm sorry but you asked for it.

So, I just realized something.
Plastic dinosaurs, right.
Plastic is made out of oil.
Oil comes from
Plastic dinosaurs are made out of REAL DINOSAURS.

Can we do a thing where someone
starts a lyric from a song
and you all
another lyric from another song
but makes sure it makes sense and let's
make our own song and it can belike an

tried to hold on to their sleeves when putting on a jacket so they wouldn't roll up

you called your teacher mom

Why do you put your self esteem
in the hands of complete strangers?

will forever be enough...
so there ain't no need to rush?
*English Class*

Teacher: Ok, today we have to do two things.
Me: Yes, we have to get out of this class and go and eat.