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new username so i probably wont be on this a whole lottt. it's missbritt so follow if you'd likeee (::


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hey everyoneee, i made a new account so you can follow me on there instead (:
my new one is missbritt :) thankss<333


seriously. everything i do, think or feel reminds me of him. i just can't get away. it's so hard to move on. and i'm not sure i want to. i know i probably should. we've dated four times before and it never works out. why do i have to keep liking him? why can't this feeling just go away? the other day i was watching a movie with my mom. and i've watched that movie with him before. the whole time i was thinking of him. i just don't know what to do. why does this have to be so damn difficult?
i'm gonna kick you.
  hugs were
  to let people
  know you
  love them
  having to


          six things i say in school...

            1) i'm tired                           4) i'm hungry
            2) i'm cold                           5) what time is it?
            3) i don't get it                    6) i want to go home


here's a guy who i really like and he's done something really terrible to me, but i still like him, but i can't be with him.  

love is not a maybe thing. you know when you love someone.  

i didn't come here to tell you i can live without you. i can live without you. i just don't want to.  

you'ryoung. sshuup &
enjoy life.