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Quotes by neeks_x3

Just Because.

I finally got over you, doesn't mean there aren't days where it all just
comes rushing back.


Open books,
not legs.

Blow minds,
not guys.


Don't fall for words,
f a l l   f o r   a c t i o n s .

you're my best friend

you're hanging out with my brother
and the guy that i'm totally in love with.

while i sit at home all by myself.

And you don't think I'd be mad?


I've l i k e you since
7th grade, we're sophmores now.
let's get real; 
i'm not going anywhere, anytime soon.

sweet 16

♥             ♥            ♥


"A lot of lyrics mean something.
The best lyrics are the ones that mean every thing. "

-This is the guy I'm falling for ♥


Please Don't Walk Away
and please tell me you'll stay


Last weekend, a little blonde boy with overalls was walking down the street
with his mother. He walked past me, looked at me. And kept walking
with his mother. His mom looked around, and couldn't find him. I suddenly
felt a tap on the back of my leg, it was the boy. He looked up at me and put his
little arm out. In his hand was

a little red flower with only two pedals.

that little boy gives me hope.


If you ask me 
how i'm doing, i would say
i'm doing just fine
i would lie and say that
you're not on my mind