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Hey there,
Welcome to my profile.

A bit about me...
 Well let's see, there's not a great deal to tell.
My name's Freya and I reccently turned 14.
 I live in a small town in the Lake District, England,where it rains pretty much 24/7 and not a lot goes on apart from frequent crazy festivals. I've spent the majority of my life trudging through mud in various places across the country, but hey, I like it.
I'm into alot of random music (icluding The Fray, Keane, Pegasus Bridge, Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Panic AtThe Disco) and love drawing, reading and writing pointless quotes, obviously.
I also love Harry Potter it really is the best thing created by man (well, woman) kind, though the Hunger Games has to be close second. ;) 
 It goes without saying that I also love my gorgeous rabbit (Pecan) and my mad, mad springer spaniel puppy (Willow) all of my beautiful friends and various fictional characters. ;)
Hope you enjoy my random and probably considered rather weird quotes! :)
Oh and remember:
Stay strong, you're beautiful ;)

Quotes by nerdybadger

If you can hold on: HOLD ON.

It's a long drive back to  

Vegas Skies
So why don't I
make one more wrong turn tonight

I can't wait until I can move out and live on my own
Find a small house and make it my own
Fill it with books and photos of places I've been and people I've met
Stay up until 5am and dance around my kitchen in the middle of the night
Drown my problems in loud music  and long showers
Sing badly at the top of my lungs whilst I make cookies
And eat them whilst they're stll warm sat on the kitchen top
Fall asleep on the sofa with my dog curled up against my chest
Or just sit in the garden and watch the stars
Do everything I ever wanted, no rules, no restrictions
Just me and the limit of my imagination

Being stuck between not wanting to be clingy but wanting people to know that you care about them :/



If you feel like you're loosing your way remember that I'm right here beside you, I'd guide you if only you asked me to. You'll never drown while I'm right here with my hand outstretched- all you have to do is take it.

Angels break and angels fall
Theres no-one in the world who has it all

                              I       M  A  Y       N  O  T       B  E

                        BUT I AM 

                 S  T  R  O  N  G     E  N  O  U  G  H

       for this

If a tree falls down in a storm
make it into a bridge


But if anyone ever deserved to be one, it was you.