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Quotes by nninnnaax

            I watched "The Little Mermaid." 
                       I laughed at the line, "Everything's better, down where it's wetter."
                          I laughed even harder when I realized a crab sang that line. 
                          m y     l i f e     i s     a v e r a g e.  

                MLIA. :) #3
                        I saw a Dairy Queen commercial with the Dairy Queen lips. 
                             I then realized that although the lips look feminine, 
                           they actually have a masculine voice. This bothers me. 

                                                 m y     l i f e     i s     a v e r a g e.  

                                                                 MLIA. :) #2

i look into his eyes and it's like,

instant love. :)

it got messed up, but you get the message.
mine. :)
                                I wrote a list of all the things I should do this weekend. 
              The first one was 'write a list of things to do'. I crossed it off and felt accomplished. 

  m y     l i f e     i s     a v e r a g e.

                                                                             MLIA. :)
are the best kind of

haha. :P
t                                    & am i the only one...
   that runs down the road to see why an ambulence just went by?

haha. mine. :)

to him , im just another
smushed bug
on his windsheild of life.

all mine. :)

:P, haha.

&& tomorrow, if he's still just a friend,


                                  ill be staying up to 11:11 again.

i think about you everyday, but
you don't care a bit .
 Constant questions fill my head, that
I don't want to think of.
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